Phonak Freecom 7100

With FreeCom, discover the new way of flying !

This state-of-the-art headset provides the best comfort ever felt while flying.

Best ergonomy

- Ultra-light headset, allows full head movement
- Day-long comfort, no sweating, itching or pressure around the head
- Compatible with sunglasses and helmets

Best speech intelligibility

- Crystal clear voice transmission
- Premium microphone with embedded noise canceling
- Top quality electronic from Phonak, market leader in hearing aids

Best noise protection

- Custom molded ear shells for a perfect in-ear fit
- Professional noise-dependent hearing protection
- More than 24dB of noise attenuation


A closer look at the FreeCom 7100’s technical specifications.

Single connectors XLR-5 / U174/U
Twin connectors PJ055 / PJ068
Passive attenuation SNR = 24 dB (electronic attenuation switched Off)
Level-dependent attenuation: criteria levels (noise exposure at which in-ear sound pressure first exceeds 85 dBA) High-frequency noise: 108 dB 
Medium-frequency: 105 dB 
Low-frequency: 99 dB
Microphone pattern
Microphone max. sound pressure (@ 10% THD) 120dBA
Microphone frequency range 500Hz – 4kHz
Loudspeaker balanced armature
DC bias voltage decoupled
Max. loudspeaker sound pressure 117dB
Loudspeaker sensitivity 650mV RMS @ 1Pa
Loudspeaker current consumption 2mA @ 1Pa
Loudspeaker frequency range 500Hz – 4.4kHz
Impedance DCR 378 Ω
Power sources Communication: aircraft audio panel (no batteries)
Dynamic hearing protection & ambient awareness: x1 AAA battery
Voltage 4 - 20 V
Weight 75 g  / 2.64 oz
Storage temperature -20°C to +60°C
Operational temperature -20°C to +60°C

CHF 1 256.00

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