Garmin D2 Air Aviator Smartwatch, GPS, Wi-Fi, Black/Slate, WW

Garmin is pleased to announce the release of the latest product in our D2 Aviator
Smartwatch series, the D2 Air. Featuring a slim and stylish design with an
AMOLED touchscreen, this watch couples a lightweight feel with powerful
features, such as a built-in wrist-based Pulse Oximeter for oxygen saturation
awareness, direct-to navigation, airport information and much more. The D2 Air
also incorporates day-to-day features to use the watch on the go, including smart
notifications, Garmin Pay™ contactless payment solution, storage for music
playlists and more. This watch is designed with pilots and aviation enthusiasts in
mind and is the perfect combination of functionality and affordability.
The D2 Air features a 1.2” diameter polished stainless-steel bezel, a durable
Corning Gorilla Glass 3 lens, and a vivid AMOLED Touchscreen color display.
With the smallest, yet brightest, screen in the D2 series, this watch is our lightest
aviation watch to date. D2 Air comes with a black leather band and black silicone
band, with industry standard quick release interchangeable bands available for

There When You Need It – Pre, During, and Post Flight Features
The beautiful AMOLED display brings the watch to life, even in a bright
cockpit. The aviation-themed watch face shows your passion for the sky,
and the always-on mode keeps your information right at hand. Access
aviation weather, including METARs and TAFs, to see winds, visibility,
barometric pressure and more. View airport information, navigate Direct-to
a location or waypoint in the worldwide aeronautical database, or activate a
path to a nearby airport using the Nearest function. Use the instrument-like
HSI course needle to stay centered on your desired flight path.
The D2 Air allows users to view the runway orientation, wind components
lengths, and airport frequencies, as they approach their destination. The
built-in barometric altimeter can also notify the pilot when a specific altitude
is reached, and a vibration alert can be set to alert when supplemental
oxygen may be required. In addition to alerts, the D2 Air incorporates a wristbased Pulse Ox sensor to help monitor oxygen saturation levels, which is
especially useful in-flight and during high altitude activities.

D2 Air can also connect wirelessly to the Garmin Pilot app and enables wireless
flight plan transfer from Garmin Pilot to the D2 Air and allows the user to view
the waypoints included in the route. With wireless connectivity to a smartphone,
the D2 Air series also makes quick work of flight logging and other record
keeping tasks. During takeoff, the watch will detect the aircraft’s change in
altitude and automatically initiate the logbook function – recording date,
duration, total flight time, and route and can automatically log this information
via the user’s smartphone to and the Garmin Pilot app.
Other features that pilots have come to expect from the D2 series aviator
watches included with the D2 Air are vibrating alerts (that the customer can
configure to activate when it’s time to switch fuel tanks or perform other timecritical tasks), UTC hands on the watch, multiple time zone displays and more.

Day-to-Day Features
Stay on the move with a battery life that lasts up to 5 days in smartwatch
mode (without music playback). Receive emails, texts, and alerts right on
your watch when paired to a compatible smartphone and breeze through
checkout lines and select transit systems with Garmin Pay contactless
payment solutions through participating providers. Download songs plus
playlists from your Spotify
®, Deezer or Amazon Music accounts
(subscription may be required) and connect to your wireless headphones
for phone-free listening.
The D2 Air comes preloaded with multiple functions to keep up with an
active lifestyle on the go – from pre-loaded sports apps, including walking,
running, cycling, golf, swimming, and more.
D2 Air offers a broad range
of health and wellness features, including a heart rate monitor, advanced
sleep monitoring, respiration tracking, heart rate, stress tracking,
hydration tracking, and the Body Battery™ energy monitor enabling pilots
to track energy levels all day.



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Garmin aera® 760, GPS, Atlantic - 7 Zoll Touchscreen

Garmin is pleased to introduce the aera® 760, a premium aviation portable that is purpose-built for the pilot and the cockpit. The aera 760 boasts a 7-inch bright, sunlight readable touchscreen display complete with comprehensive chart options in a compact and dedicated portable GPS. Additional features of the aera 760 include the option to load instrument approach procedures, arrivals and departures, approach chart overlay on the map, Garmin Connext® wireless connectivity, as well as the option to integrate it with select Garmin avionics. Featuring a modern yet rugged design, the aera 760 is an all-in-one aviation portable complete with a built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver that is optimized for the cockpit. Its bright, 7-inch sunlight readable display can run on battery power for up to four hours on a single charge. Along the bezel, an industry-standard USB-C connection is used to charge and power the aera 760, while a microSD card slot allows pilots to load topography and street maps or use it to easily transfer user waypoints. The aera 760 features an intuitive user-interface resembling that of many other popular Garmin products such as the GTN™ Xi series, G3X™ Touch and Garmin Pilot™ allowing pilots to easily transition between multiple Garmin products in the cockpit. Capable of operating in harsh conditions, the aera 760 has also been tested and hardened to meet stringent temperature and vibration standards.  


New to the aera 760, pilots can load departures, arrivals and instrument approach procedures (IAPs) within a flight plan, which can be wirelessly transferred to a navigator in the cockpit. Once a procedure is loaded within the aera 760, pilots have the option to view the chart or they can overlay it on the moving map. IFR enroute charts, VFR sectionals and Garmin FliteCharts® are also geo-referenced, providing optimal situational awareness. Jeppesen electronic charts are compatible with the aera 760 and give customers worldwide access to instrument approach chart information. In addition to procedures, victor airways, user-defined holds and holds over an existing navigation fix can be entered into a flight plan.
Built-in Wi-Fi
® and Bluetooth® allow the aera 760 to take advantage of Garmin Connext wireless connectivity inside and outside of the cockpit. When connected to Wi-Fi, pilots can easily download aviation database and software updates without the need to physically connect it to a computer. Prior to departure,
pilots can also view worldwide weather information on the aera 760 when it’s connected to Wi-Fi. In the cockpit, it is capable of wirelessly connecting to select products such as the GTX™ 345 or the GDL
® 50 to display the benefits of Automatic Dependent SurveillanceBroadcast (ADS-B) traffic, Flight Information Service-Broadcast (FIS-B) weather1, SiriusXM2 aviation weather and more via Bluetooth. Exclusive features such as TerminalTraffic™ and TargetTrend™ can also be viewed on the moving map and dedicated traffic pages.
Pilots can hard-wire the aera 760’s power, audio and dual RS-232 connections to receive additional benefits. When connected to a navigator such as the GTN 650Xi/750Xi, GTN 650/750 or the GNS 430W/530W, the aera 760 can send and receive flight plan data that is entered into the navigator over a serial port so all products remain synchronized throughout the flight. It is also capable of wirelessly connecting to these navigators when paired with a Flight Stream 210/510. When connected to a NAV/COM such as the GTR 225, GNC 255 or GTR 200, frequencies and airport identifiers can also be transferred from the aera 760 to the corresponding NAV/COM. For aircraft flying in visual conditions, pilots can optionally connect the aera 760 to select autopilots to fly lateral GPS and single point vertical navigation (VNAV) guidance. For example, pilots flying in visual conditions can fly a VNAV profile from their current altitude to pattern altitude using the aera 760 fully coupled to the autopilot. 3D Vision technology displays a virtual 3D perspective view of
surrounding terrain, obstacles and airports, as well as a horizontal situation indicator (HSI) that is capable of showing lateral and vertical deviation bars. When the aera 760 is panel mounted or paired with a compatible attitude source such as a GDL
® 50 or GTX 345, pilots can view synthetic vision (SVX), which adds the display of back-up attitude information on the portable.  


The aera 760 also features fuel price information, an E6B flight computer and weight and balance calculators. The E6B can be used prior to a flight to aid in calculating fuel burn, estimated time of arrival (ETA) and more. While in-flight, the aera 760 utilizes ground speed information to recalculate fuel burn and ETA. Helicopter operators also have access to features tailored to their unique operations, such as WireAware™ wire-strike avoidance technology. WireAware overlays power line locations and relative
altitude information on the moving map and provides both aural and visual alerting when operating near power lines. With optional map data, pilots can also enter street intersections or non-aviation
waypoints. GPS altitude display is offered in both mean sea level (MSL) and above ground level (AGL), so they are easier to identify relative to the aircraft flight path.


Das neue Garmin aera 760 ist voraussichtlich ab Anfang/Mitte Juni 2020 verfügbar!

Garmin präsentiert mit dem aera 760 den ultimativen Nachfolger für das kleinere aera 660. Das Garmin aera 760 kommt mit einem brillanten 7 Zoll Farb-Touchscreen und ist vollgepackt mit Funktionen, die Ihnen die Arbeit im Cockpit erheblich erleichtern. Die Anzeige kan sowohl im Quer- als auch im Hochformat erfolgen. Das Garmin aera 760 ist aus der Box heraus sofort einsatzbereit.

Produktmerkmale Garmin aera 760:

  • Interaktives Kartenmaterial
  • Optional ICAO- und Anflugkarten erhältlich
  • Automatische Updates über WiFi
  • Bluetooth Verbindung
  • ADS-B "in"
  • Electronic Flight Bag - PDF-Viewer, E6B Computer, Weight & Balance Rechner, automatisches Flugbuch
  • Einfache Flugplanung
  • DIRECT-TO Navigation
  • COMM-Anbindung
  • Hochempfindlicher SBAS/WAAS/GLONASS Empfänger
  • Garmin Connext kompatibel, 3D Vision, Synthetic Vision
  • Smart Airspace Funktion, SafeTaxi
  • Geländewarnungen
  • Im Gehäuse integrierte Antenne
  • microSD Speicherkarten-Slot (microSD Speicherkarte nicht enthalten)

Technische Daten Garmin aera 760:

  • Geräteabmessungen (BxHxT) - 18,5 x 12,3 x 2,3 cm)
  • Display - 7 Zoll diagonal (17,8 cm), Auflösung (BxH) 480 x 800 px, Hoch- und Querformat, Touchscreen WVGA Farb-TFT mit Hintergrundbeleuchtung
  • Gewicht - ca. 570 g
  • Batterie - wiederaufladbarer Lit-Ion-Akku, Batterielebensdauer pro Aufladung bis zu 4 Stunden, ca. 80% bei Hintergrundbeleuchtung
  • SBAS/WAAS/GLONASS Empfänger - hoch-sensitiv mit WAAS Positionsgenauigkeit
  • Spannungsbereich 10-35 V
  • Streckendaten - VFR und IFR
  • USB-Anschluss - USB-C
  • Erweiterbarer Speicher - über microSD™ Speicherkarten (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)

Lieferumfang: Garmin aera 760, Halteklammer mit Stromversorgung, USB-C Netz-Adapter, USB-C auf USB-C Kabel, USB-C auf USB-A Kabel, Schnellstartanleitung (englisch).

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D2™ Delta Aviator Watch

The Latest Evolution in Wrist-worn GPS Flight Navigation


Three Distinct Sizes with Internal Music Storage, Garmin Pay ™   and 

Optional Wrist - based Pulse Oximeter


  • Premium GPS aviator watch with dynamic color mapping, NEXRAD weather¹, automatic flight logging and alerts for course deviations, pattern altitudes and more
  • Synchronize with your avionics for enhanced GPS navigation and mapping data
  • Smart notifications¹ help you keep in touch on the go, while sport watch functions offer wrist-based heart rate², activity profiles, fitness tracking² and more
  • Easily store and play up to 500 songs on your watch, and connect with audio panel or headset (sold separately) equipped with Bluetooth® technology for phone-free listening4
  • Garmin Pay contactless payment solution³ lets you make convenient payments with your watch, so you can leave your cash and cards at home
  • Battery performance5: up to 12 days in smartwatch mode and 19 hours in GPS mode (depending on settings)


The Garmin D2 family of premium GPS aviator watches was the first to put true global flight navigation capability on the wrists of forward-looking pilots and flying enthusiasts. Now, with our D2 Delta series, we’ve brought this technology to whole new levels of capability and connectivity. With advanced aviation and sport watch functions, these sleek new designs — available in 3 sizes — accent your style while helping to navigate your day. These watches also include handy features such as storage for up to 500 songs and our Garmin Pay contactless payment solution.

Aviator Style, Midsize Dial

Featuring a midsize (47 mm) form factor with a silver titanium bezel and scratch-resistant domed sapphire crystal lens, the D2 Delta model is built for extra-rugged durability in demanding environments. With a rich array of color mapping, weather, waypoint reference and flight logging features, you can count on reliable on-wrist situational reference and backup navigation in your cockpit. Then, between flights, you can use the latest sport watch features — including Elevate wrist-based heart rate monitoring¹, daily activity tracking², training metrics and more — to keep up with your personal fitness goals. For these intense activities, each D2 Delta version comes with a soft, flexible black silicone sports band, offering easy QuickFit® band replacement without tools. And wherever you travel, smart notifications¹ (emails, text messages, alerts and more) can display on the watch to help you stay in the know while on the go.

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aera® 660

Advanced Capabilities in a Portable Package

  • Rugged, purpose-built portable navigator with built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver and 5-inch sunlight-readable screen
  • Intuitive, simple touchscreen operation and single power button make getting around the display a cinch
  • 3D Vision perspective view shows terrain, obstacles, airport environment, optional traffic, nearest airport and more
  • Wireless cockpit connectivity via Connext® streams ADS-B weather¹ and advanced traffic from compatible devices
  • Cut the cord and database prices with Wi-Fi® database downloads and the affordable Garmin Navigation Database

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GLO™ for Aviation

Fly with the portable device of your choice and Garmin-caliber GPS data at the same time. GLO for Aviation combines GPS/GLONASS receivers with Bluetooth® technology so you can get precise position information on your iPad®, iPhone® or Android™device.

Enjoy the Accuracy of GPS + GLONASS

GLO for Aviation can receive position information from both the GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations, allowing it to connect to up to 24 more satellites than devices that rely on GPS alone. This allows GLO to lock on to satellites approximately 20 percent faster and keep up with even the most demanding jet speeds. What’s more, GLO updates its position information 10x per second – up to 10x more often than the GPS receivers in many mobile devices. When you access geo-referenced charts, Garmin SafeTaxi or the moving map display in Garmin Pilot (6 months of which come free with your GLO purchase), you’ll know that what you see is the most precise picture possible.

Set it Up and Fly

Using Bluetooth technology, GLO for Aviation wirelessly pairs to up to 4 devices simultaneously. Just use the included mount to set GLO on your glare screen and within moments, you’ll be receiving GLO’s position data. The device features up to 12 hours of battery life to keep your position on even the longest of flights, and charging GLO between uses is a cinch with the included USB cable or 12/24-V cigarette lighter adapter. A consumer version of GLO is also available for compatible mobile devices.

*GPS receiver has a nominal operating velocity range of 0 – 800 kts (411 m/s).

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GSB 15

Add USB Power and Charging to Your Aircraft

  • Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ Technology gives simultaneous fast, 3A (up to18w) charging from each port
  • Charge two full-size iPad® tablets or similar smart devices while using them at full brightness
  • Halo lighting around each USB port makes connections easy in dark conditions
  • Offers easy installation in an existing instrument cutout with optional adapter plate
  • Two charger formats — for straight or 90-degree power wiring connection — help simplify installation in tight spaces such as armrests or sidewalls

In just a few short years, battery-powered mobile devices have become essential in-flight tools for pilots and their passengers alike. Pilots use their tablets or smartphones to access flight plans, moving maps, charts, weather data, manuals and more — while passengers access entertainment, messaging and all types of productivity apps on their devices. But, invariably, all these portable electronics need an external power source to keep them charged and ready to use over a long flight. That’s where our GSB 15 USB charging hub makes all the difference.

Power up on the Fly

The dual-port GSB 15 USB charging hub features quick Charge™ Technology and can deliver 3A (up to 18w) of power to each USB port simultaneously. This is typically enough electrical current to power two iPad tablets or similar smart devices — while also charging their batteries. There’s built-in protection against circuit and temperature overloads. Plus, configurable halo lighting on the plugs makes them easy to locate and access in a darkened cabin or cockpit.

Small and Simple to Install

The slimline GSB 15 charging hub measures just over 1.5” square and stands less than an inch deep — making it one of the smallest dual-port USB charging hubs ever designed for aviation use. It comes in two formats: one designed to be wired into aircraft power from the back of the unit — and one that connects to aircraft power through the bottom of the case. Choose the version that fits best with your application and its related space constraints.

Data Passthrough

If your aircraft is equipped with a GI 275 Flight Instrument you will also appreciate GSB 15 for its data transfer capabilities. Using a USB flash drive and the GSB 15, you can transfer databases to a GI 275 flight instrument. Databases will then also be synced among multiple GI 275 flight instruments in a single cockpit. In addition to database updating, GSB 15 can also be used to save flight logs — including engine data1 — from the GI 275 to a USB flash drive.

Fits Tight Spaces and Budgets

You can mount GSB 15 virtually anywhere. It’s small enough to fit a 1” cutout — or it’s available with two optional mounting plates that allow for easy installation in existing, unused 2.25” or 3.125” instrument holes in the panel. It has FAA TSO and consequently European approval. The device will fit in a variety of constricted spaces — such as aircraft sidewalls, armrests or aft console positions — where most aviation USB chargers are simply too large or unwieldy to install.

1Requires GI 275 Engine Indication System

iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Qualcomm is a trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated, registered in the United States and other countries. Quick Charge is a trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated.
Qualcomm Quick Charge is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.

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GDL 39 3D with DC Cable AND Battery

Access Weather, Traffic, GPS and Attitude Information

  • Receives subscription-free weather
  • Advanced ADS-B "dual-link" traffic with TargetTrend™ and TerminalTraffic™ technology
  • GDL 39 3D adds attitude and SVX™ in Garmin Pilot™ for Apple® mobile devices, aera 660 or 796/795
  • Wireless Bluetooth® connectivity with the Garmin Pilot and ForeFlight Mobile apps, aera 660 or 796/795
  • Built-in WAAS GPS receiver

Access Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) traffic and subscription-free weather on your aviation portable or mobile device with the GDL 39 ADS-B receiver. When using Garmin Pilot on your Apple mobile device, the GDL 39 can provide highly accurate WAAS GPS data, while the GDL 39 3D can also provide backup attitude indication and SVX™ synthetic vision view.




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